WLES News Program and Technology Club

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    WLES is the school television news station run by our technology teacher, Mrs. Levy. It is used to broadcast our morning announcements. Students will need to apply for a position to be on WLES, and if accepted, the WLES staff will do a 2 week rotation with 1 other student. Students will be responsible for reading morning announcements, operating the camera, gathering information for "special: newscasts and for doing other "tech jobs" in the morning to prepare for the day.

    This club is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Any student interested in applying should be dependable, reliable and able to work independently. The application process is at the beginning of each school year.  Students that are accepted into the club will receive a schedule of when they will be part of the WLES crew and also of the meeting dates set for the year. Each applicant should have good attendance and be able to be at school and in Computer Lab 1 (room 121) by 8:50 a.m. each morning during their rotation. Students are assigned for the year, and additional students meeting these qualifications are placed on a waiting list in the event that a position opens up.

    The WLES Crew is made up of 2 students; a camera operator, and an anchor. For more details on these positions, go to Mrs. Levy's Website.

    This year students will again have the opportunity to be part of a fun morning technology club. The students will drive the events of these meetings. They will have opportunities to sign on to and use programs before their classmates. We will also spend some time learning to code, taking apart computers, printers and iPads as well as learning how to connect and evaluate school computers.