• The following apps are available on all school iPads for the 2016-2017 school year. Note there are a few apps that are specific to certain teams/teachers not listed here.
    Teacher-requested apps are ONLY added during mid-year maintenance in January, and again over the summer. Requested apps will be reviewed by Media staff for academic and technical quality before being approved/denied. Requests must be received by December 1st for mid-year, and by May 1st for summer addition.

    General Apps

    Photos Access photos / videos shot using the iPad
     Launches camera tool
     Access videos shot using the iPad
    Maps Access maps through Apple
    SettingsAccess the iPad settings. Note the iCloud account cannot be changed.           
     Access the service with this app  
     Access this file sharing service
     Evernote Digital notes to yourself
     Dragon Dictation
     Convert text to speech or vice versa.
     QR Reader 
     Permits you to launch websites by pointing iPad at a QR code
     QR Maker
     Creates QR codes that will launch websites
     Voice Record     
     Easily record voice using the iPad's built-in mic.
    Access the video service
     Simple timer
     Socrative Student
     Student app to be used with the Socrative web service
     Dice Roller
     Simulates a roll of the dice
     Genius Scan  
     Make your device work like a scanner - take a photo and it creates a PDF that can be shared
    WiFi Photo Transfer
     Permits you to easily access photos and videos on your iPad from a computer
     Epson iProjection Permits wireless display of iPad content on selected Epson projectors in the building
     Google Docs    
    Word Processing within Google Drive
     Google Sheets
     Excel-type spreadsheets within Google Drive
     Google Slides
     Powerpoint type slideshows within Google Drive
    Safari  iPad web browser  
      Drive (Google) Access Google Drive
     A link to the LRMS website

    General Educational App Folder

    Khan Academy
    Access this web service using this app
    BrainPop Access BrainPop materials using this app
    Quizlet Access this web service study tool using this app
    Seesaw Online portfolios  
    Google Classroom Access to the learning management system
    Class Dojo Access to the service, great for student encouragement and parent communication
    Canvas Access to the learning management system
    Nearpod Interactive lessons and assessments, collect and share student responses instantly, content available
    EOC/EOG testing app
    MindMaple Lite
    Mind mapping and brainstorming

    Presentation Creation Folder

    Virtual Whiteboard / presentation recorder
    Permits viewing MS Powerpoint files, but not creation/editing
    Show Me
    Virtual whiteboard / presentation recorder
    Virtual Whiteboard / presentation recorder
    ShadowPuppet Edu
     Create custom slideshows, videos, and presentations

    Math Folder

    Math Drills Lite
    Simple Math activities
    Math Rulz
    rules, quizzes, and calculators
    Math 7  
    Activities targeted at 7th graders
    The Graphing Calculator for Functions, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and 3D Math
    iCross Lite
    Geometry cross sections
     Helps teach Geometry
     King of Math
     Math activities
     Calculator Pro
     Another Math calculator
     Quick Graph
     Creates graphs
     YourTeacher Math
     Math activities
     Thinking Blocks Ratios
     Helps teach ratios
     Desmos Another Math calculator
     Math Kid
     More Math activities
     Calculator (My Script Calculator)
     Write a math problem, the app solves it!

    Science & Technology Folder

    Video Science
    Lots of videos for Science concepts
    Meiosis Diversity
    Great for genetics
    3D Brain
    Get an up-close look at a virtual brain
    All about cells
    Genetic Terms
    Computer Coding for kids
    Elements 4D
    Watch virtual chemical reactions
    Build a Body
    Explains body systems
    Discovery TechBook
    online text book
    Color Uncovered
    interactive book about color
    Science 360
    Access video content in a unique way
     Sound Uncovered
     Learn how sound works in this interactive book
     Nova Elements     
     Learn about elements and build atoms
     TinyTap Create your own "app" that functions much like a presentation with interactive elements
     Orbit Architect
     Interactively design and explore satellite orbital geometry

    Art / Multimedia Creation

    Adobe Draw
    Powerful drawing/painting app, with features that let you trace an image - great for creating avatars
    Print, color and see your drawing in hand-animated 3D worlds
    Permits creating "augmented reality."
    Simple video editor from YouTube
    draw and "paint" using this artistic app.
    123D Sculpt  
    Virtually sculpt cyber-clay
    PuppetPals HD
    Create animated videos
    Simple music creator
    JS Timeline
    Create a media-rich timeline
    Stop Motion
     Create stop-motion animation videos
    ChatterPix Snap a photo - draw a mouth, and record your voice. Turns any photo into a talking character video.
     VoiceThread Access the WCPSS subscription service (see Media Center for details) for media-rich collaboration and discussion

    Health & PE

    Learn about the foods you eat
    Personal well-being
     Use the iPad to take your heart rate
     First Aid
     Quick reference for physical emergency situations

    Language Arts

    Fun way to learn grammar concepts
    Spelling City     
    Spelling tool
     Phrasal Verbs
     Helps learn these difficult parts of speech
     Grammar Up
     Take quizzes about parts of speech - free version has limited features

    Social Studies

    Google Maps
    View just about anywhere on Earth
    Google Earth
    Look at the Earth in a whole new way
    This Day
    Historical facts
     European Exploration
     Explore the new world as a European power in the 15th Century by funding and sending expeditions out into the unknown. Hire captains, build ships and outfit voyages to learn of the wonders of the new world.
     MyCongress A portal to detailed information about your elected U.S. Congressional officials. Track their news, video and Twitter feeds. Look up their official Open Congress profile or contact them directly.

    Foreign Languages

    Learn simple Spanish
    Translate (Google)
    Translates between languages

     The Special Programs folder contains several apps appropriate for this special demographic.
    Teacher iPads contain the following apps: Socrative (Teacher), Teacherkit, Plickers, Prezi, Gradecam