Special Programs

  • Our team works with students who are eligible to receive special education services based on their demonstrated need for individualized learning support and services.

    The team at Leesville Elementary works with students who have a variety of needs. We have three teachers (Shannon McEnteer, Samantha Ayscue-Sharrow and Imelda Migaly), and one instructional assistant (Alaina Casey) who work with students based in regular education classrooms. The students’ needs are met both with push-in and pull-out services in our Learning Lab.

    We also have one teacher that has her own classroom to work with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders on the Extended Standards. Sarah Lilley and her instructional assistants work with students in all grades with the ECS elementary age students.

    Included in our Special Education department we have a School Psychologist (Sarah Hamel), Speech-Language Pathologist (Sarah Cox), and an Occupational Therapist (Cammie Key). Our School Psychologist provides testing for below grade level students who demonstrate a need for possible special education services. Our Speech-Language Pathologist evaluates students for speech and language disorders, provides therapeutic services to those students who are determined to be eligible based on WCPSS and DPI guidelines, and is also a resource for teachers and parents. Our OT provides related services for students in need of occupational therapy.