Student/Parent Resource Staff

  • Leesville Elementary School's Counseling and Student Services (CASS)

    The Counseling and Student Services (CASS) Department is comprised of two certified counselors, a social worker, a psychologist, and a school nurse.  

    Amy Downer and Melissa Rosenberger are our school Counselors.  They are here to provide social and emotional support to our staff and students. Ms. Downer works mostly with Kindergarten through 2nd grade students and Mrs. Rosenberger works mostly with students in 3rd through 5th grade.  However, you can regularly find them working with all grade levels throughout the school.

    Sarah Hamel is our school Psychologist. She is part of our Counseling and Student Services Team.

    Peyton Wannall is our school Social Worker,  She is here as a resource for our students and parents.

     The CASS department at Leesville Elementary School provides support to address the academic, career, and personal/social needs of each student. We work with students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, and service providers to help students learn and achieve academic and personal growth.

    Some possible reasons to contact the CASS department at Leesville Elementary School:

    • I am looking for community resources that may be able to support my student and/or family.
    • I have questions about my student’s transportation, tardies, and/or attendance.
    • My student is struggling to make friends in the school environment.
    • My student is struggling with inappropriate behaviors in the school environment.
    • My student is having nervous/anxious feelings in regards to school.
    • My student is struggling with classwork/homework assignments.
    • I am looking for information about my student’s transition to middle school.