Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

  • Areas of Knowledge

    Areas of knowledge are specific branches of knowledge, each of which can be seen to have a distinct nature and different methods of gaining knowledge. TOK distinguishes between eight areas of knowledge. They are mathematics, the natural sciences, the human sciences, the arts, history, ethics, religious knowledge systems, and indigenous knowledge systems.

    The knowledge framework is a device for exploring the areas of knowledge. It identifies the key characteristics of each area of knowledge by depicting each area as a complex system of five interacting components. This enables students to effectively compare and contrast different areas of knowledge and allows the possibility of a deeper exploration of the relationship between areas of knowledge and ways of knowing.

  • Knowledge Frameworks

  • Mathematics

  • Natural sciences

  • Human sciences

  • History

  • The arts

  • Ethics

  • Religious knowledge systems (RKS)

  • Indigenous knowledge systems (IKS)

  • IB Diploma Programme | Theory of knowledge guide (2022)