GPA/Class Rank

  • Calculating your GPA

    When calculating your GPA, you must remember that quality Points are assigned to each letter grade. The type of class (Academic, Honors, AP or IB) you take will determine the number of quality points you receive for the course. Students received weighted credit (extra points) for Honors, AP and IB courses.

    Quality Points Scale

  • GPA Scale for students entering 9th grade in 2015-16
    Quality Points
    Academic Honors AP/IB
    A 90-100 4 4.5 5
    B 80-89 3 3.5 4
    C 70-79 2 2.5 3
    D 60-69 1 1.5 2
    F <60 0 0 0
  • GPA Scale for students entering 9th grade prior to 2015-16
    Quality Points
    Academic Honors AP/IB
    A 90-100 4 5 6
    B 80-89 3 4 5
    C 70-79 2 3 4
    D 60-69 1 2 3
    F <60 0 0 0
  • To Calculate Your GPA

    1. Determine quality points for each letter grade.
    2. Total the quality points.
    3. Divide total quality points by the total number of courses.

    Wake County determines official GPA based on final grades. Your GPA is figured and reported on your transcript both weighted and unweighted. To calculate an unweighted GPA, use the academic scale only. Students are ranked from highest to lowest GPA using cumulative weighted grades.

    Honors and Distinguished Honors Graduates

    • GPA’s are recalculated after third quarter of your senior year to determine Honors and Distinguished Honors Graduates.
    • Honors Graduates: 3.33 to 3.74 weighted GPA.
    • Distinguished Honors Graduates: 3.75 weighted GPA or higher.

    If a Senior finishes strong and wishes to have their GPA recalculated after fourth quarter in June and after exams, they must see the Guidance Technician, for instructions for requesting a recalculation at that time.


    Beginning in January 2004, the following guidelines were implemented regarding class rank calculation.
    • Calculation of class rank will include Future Ready Core curriculum only.
    • Senior Rank is run approximately on the 20th school day each year.
    • Sophomore and Junior Rank are run approximately on the 40th school day each year.
    • Rank for all classes is run at the end of first semester and at the end of second semester.
    • College courses that are taken through the WCPSS Dual Enrollment Program are included in the GPA/Rank process.
    • The Senior Honors GPA/Rank process that occurs at the end of the third quarter for block schools requires the student to request documentation of the midterm grade from the college professor.
    • Other honors and recognitions will include all students.

Frequently Asked Questions about GPA/Class Rank