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    Preparing for North Carolina End-of-Grade tests (EOGs) involves the culmination of standards and key concepts covered across the year. Students typically engage in focused review sessions, practice tests, and targeted skill-building exercises to familiarize themselves with the test format and content. Parents, teachers, and students play a crucial role in creating time to review lessons that align with state standards and providing ample opportunities for review. It is important for students to review and practice strategies to apply their knowledge through hands-on activities and collaborative learning experiences. Additionally, parents and guardians can support their children's preparation by creating a conducive study environment at home, encouraging home review in the weeks leading up to EOGs, and offering assistance with challenging topics. By implementing these strategies, students can feel confident and well-equipped to tackle the EOGs and demonstrate their academic proficiency.

    These pages support access to materials and content to help you review and pose daily questions to your child at home!

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