Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten Team photo
  • Kindergarten team members for the 2022-23 school year

    • Tish Daughton and Kim Latta (IA)
    • Maya McLemore, Dee Blackley and Patty Clancey (IA)
    • Kristin Handley and Manisha Thakar (IA)
    • Paige King and Vicki Chambers (IA)
    • Evelyn Sebastian, Jenna Linton and Raven Moore (IA)

    Welcome to Kindergarten. We are excited to have your student as part of our learning team. We look forward to getting your very special child ready for their future at school. The Kindergarten teachers each have a new teacher/parent informational page. The link to each teacher's website is listed under their biography page. These sites will be where we attach our weekly newsletters, give information on our daily schedule as well as updates on school events. Be sure to check your teacher's site weekly for important classroom updates.