Driving Eligibility Certificate


    Instructions for obtaining a Driving Eligibility Certificate:

    After receiving the Driver Education Certificate, the student must present it to Student Services in person or by email to Ms. Fluke (contact info below).  Student Services will process the Driving Eligibility Certificate (D.E.C.) which certifies that the student is currently enrolled in school and has demonstrated adequate academic progress toward graduation. The Driving Eligibility Certificate is only valid for 30 days from the date of issue. An updated certificate is necessary after 30 days of receiving the first one. The presence of a parent or guardian is not required for the student to obtain a D.E.C.

    Contact Ms. Debbie Fluke via email (dfluke@wcpss.net) or call Student Services at (919) 856-7918 ext. 1.


    N.C. Legislation and DMV requirements in regards to academics for an eligibility certificate:

    A certificate will be issued for a student who has passed 70 percent of his or her courses for the most recent semester or final grades. In most cases, this means a student must pass at least 6 out of 8 classes. Passing after a quarter does not count if the student passed fewer courses in the previous semester.