• Transcript and Records Requests       


    Transcript Requests for Schools in North Carolina (Including North Carolina School of Science and Math)
    Students can send transcripts to all North Carolina colleges and universities for FREE through the College Foundation of North Carolina by visiting:  www.cfnc.org​ using the Application Hub link.  Transcripts are sent electronically and final transcripts are also sent automatically to the colleges/universities listed, mid-year transcripts are not included.

    Transcript Requests for Schools Outside North Carolina,  NCAA Eligibility, and Unofficial Transcript
    1. Visit:  https://wcpss.scriborder.com/applicationCurrent
    2. Follow the directions
    3. The first three requests are free.   After the third request, there is a $5.00 charge
    4. Students can have unofficial transcript mailed to them directly or they can pick them up in Student Services.  Students must indicate their transcript delivery choice when they place their order.

    SAT, ACT and AP Score Reporting
    Colleges and universities must receive SAT scores directly from www.collegeboard.org or ACT scores directly from www.act.org.  AP Scores also need to be sent directly from the College Board. The Student Services Office does not send any SAT, ACT, or AP test scores to college or universities for students.

    Senior Final Transcripts

    Senior End of the Year Final Transcripts All seniors will be responsible for sending their final transcripts to the school they will be attending in the Fall. In - state schools: Students will send their transcript using www.cfnc.org .  Out-of-State schools: Students will send their transcripts using www.wcpss.net/transcripts . If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your alpha Counselor. 

    Transcript Requests for former PCHS Students and Graduation Verification
    1. Visit:  https://wcpss.scriborder.com/application
    2. Follow the directions.