Food Pantry

  • We maintain a food pantry here at Apex High School to assist our families in times of need. The pantry relies on donations from the community. If you are able, please take a look at the list and donate. Our needs are ongoing as we send backpacks home weekly with students as needed -- sometimes this number reaches 30 bags each week.  

    Please keep in mind that the backpacks are average size, so avoid Family-Sized, Giant-Sized, Costco-Sized packages. 

    Amazon Wishlist for current biggest needs:

    Ongoing Needs: (Shelf-stable foods that can be easily transported in a backpack by a student)

    • Grocery store gift cards (for our volunteer coordinators to shop)
    • Cereal (individual containers preferred -- NOT family or giant sized, please)
    • Oatmeal and other breakfast items (Poptarts, breakfast bars, etc)
    • Pasta (all kinds, preferably one pound size)
    • Pasta Sauce (canned or boxed if possible, NO tomato sauce please)
    • 1lb Bags of White or Brown Rice
    • Macaroni & Cheese
    • Canned Vegetables, Fruits (fruit cups too)
    • Canned Meats (Chicken, Tuna)
    • Canned Ravioli, Soup
    • Individual Snacks (chips, cheez-its, fruit snacks, etc. Consider what your kids munch on!)
    • Granola Bars
    • Popcorn
    • Pudding, Jello
    • Individual Desserts (cookies, candy, etc. Consider what your kids munch on!
    • Shelf stable milk (individual or small boxes), gatorade, capri-suns/small juice bottles

    Thank you for contributing!