Homework is an important part of our educational program and should be assigned on a regular basis. Homework assignments should be purposeful and continuations or extensions of the instructional program and an integral part of the total evaluation. Inasmuch as the term "homework" refers to school-related instruction that is to be completed outside the classroom, it should be appropriate to the student’s development level and should fulfill the following purposes:
    1. To enrich and extend school experiences through related home activities.
    2.  To reinforce learning by providing practice and application.


    1. Teachers shall provide specific and timely feedback on homework assignments.
    2. Homework should be considered in reporting a student's progress to parents; however, homework should not exceed ten percent (10%) of a student's academic grade for a marking period.
    3. To evaluate the effectiveness of a homework assignment, the following questions might be applied:

    • Does the student possess the skills needed to complete the assignment?
    • Does the assignment extend and enrich class work?
    • Does the assignment meet a real need in the student's learning experience?
    • Does the student clearly understand the purpose of the assignment?
    • Can the assignment be completed within the suggested time limits?
    • Do some assignments provide opportunities for the development of initiative, creativity, and responsibility?   
    Although the time required for the completion of an assignment will vary from student to student, teachers should be cognizant of the demands of other disciplines when planning homework assignments. Research guidelines suggest middle school homework should not exceed 90 minutes per day and high school homework should not exceed 120 minutes per day. For both levels, estimated time on homework should be approximately 30 minutes per class each day.
    Actual time required to complete assignments will vary with each student’s study habits, academic skill, and selected course load.


    Each teacher shall follow the WYWLA Homework Policy regarding the amount of homework assigned and the length of time required for completion. Additionally, the following procedures should be implemented to ensure homework is appropriately assigned:
    1. The teacher will introduce a concept or skill, thoroughly explain the concept or skill, and provide guided practice before making a related homework assignment.
    2. Homework assignments shall be specific, within the student' ability and have clearly defined expectations. Questions pertaining to the completion of a homework assignment should be answered and clarified.
    3. Homework assignments are not to be given as punishment or busy work.
    4. Homework assignments will not require the use of books or materials which are not readily available in the home or accessible to the student.
    5. The teacher will inform students and parents of the specific homework requirements and evaluation procedures for a given course in the policies and procedures guidelines issued by each classroom teacher at the beginning of the school year.
    6. The teacher will communicate with other teachers to ensure that total time does not exceed 90 minutes per day for middle school or 120 minutes per day for high school.
    7. Involve parents and contact them if a pattern of late or incomplete homework develops