• Chromebook Distribution

    Chromebook distribution for Virtual Academy students (only*) will take place on Thursday, July 29 from 4:30-6:00pm in the school Library Media Center.
    *In-person Track 4 students will receive their devices during the first week of classes.

    If you are unable to attend the Chromebook distribution, please email Mr. Caggia (pcaggia@wcpss.net) to schedule a time to pick up your child's device. 

    All WCPSS students are eligible to receive a Chromebook from the district for use at school and at home. For more information on the Student Device Program, please visit the WCPSS Guides to Technology website.

    Please read the following information carefully to determine if your child is eligible to receive a new device:

    We will only be distributing devices to Salem Middle School Virtual Academy students. Students whose base school is not Salem Middle, including older and younger siblings of Salem students, will need to pick up their devices at those locations. Please contact your base school for information about Chromebook distribution.

    Eligibility status:

    • If your child does not currently have or has never had a WCPSS Chromebook, then he or she is eligible to receive a new Chromebook and you should plan to attend the distribution on July 29.

    • If your child currently has an HP Chromebook from WCPSS (as indicated by the HP circle logo on the lid), then he or she is eligible to receive a new Chromebook. The current device must be returned in order to receive the new one. You should plan on attending the distribution on July 29 and bring the HP Chromebook that was assigned to the student. We must have the exact device that was checked out to the student in order to make the exchange. If you have multiple Chromebooks assigned to your family and do not know which one to bring, please contact Mr. Caggia (pcaggia@wcpss.net) prior to the distribution event.

    • If your child currently has a Lenovo Chromebook from WCPSS (as indicated by the Lenovo logo on the left side of the device lid), then he or she already has the current WCPSS device and is not scheduled to receive a new one. You should not attend the device distribution. If you think you need a new device because there is an issue with the current WCPSS Lenovo Chromebook, please contact the Help Desk at (919) 664-5700 (option 1) or https://staform.wcpss.net/.

    Families may opt to decline the WCPSS device and can indicate this on the Student Device Agreement form. Please understand that the WCPSS Help Desk can provide only limited support for personal devices and that there is no guarantee that a district device will be available when your child returns to in-person instruction.