Fall 2021 Final Exams


    January 10-14, 2022

    A detailed schedule will be added soon.



    TEACHER MADE FINAL EXAMS: Teacher Made Final Exams are all being administered remotely. Teachers will share information with their students regarding the administration of these Final Exams. The Teacher-Made Exam counts 20% of a student’s final grade for the course (40% for First Quarter, 40% for Second Quarter, and 20% for Final Exam).


    SENIOR EXAM EXEMPTIONS: Seniors who have a Final Grade of “C” or better in a course that does not require a State Exam are exempt from taking their Final Exam. Attendance will not count toward Senior Exam Exemptions this school year. The grade for the Senior who chooses to use their Senior Exam Exemption will be the average of the Third Quarter Grade (counting 50%) and the average of the Fourth Quarter Grade (counting 50%).

    The following courses as ones that DO NOT qualify for a senior exemption

    End of Course Exams:

    • Math 1
    • Math 3
    • Biology
    • English 2

    All CTE Post Assessments