• The window to request a schedule change is January 8-12. The form to request a change will be available on this page during that time. Please read all the information provided here BEFORE submitting a request. If you have any additional questions, please contact your counselor.


    Spring 2024 Schedule Change Request Form


    Please read the information below carefully before submitting your request, as each student may submit only one request. Very few schedule change requests will be approved during this window as students were able to request changes for both semesters during the fall schedule change request window. We have very little flexibility within the schedule at this time.

    The schedule change request form can be submitted January 8-12. Students must be logged in to their WCPSS WakeID to submit a request, and responses will be emailed to the student's WCPSS email by January 17. Multiple requests/submissions will not be accepted. Please make sure your 1st (and only) submission meets the criteria for a schedule change AND has all the information needed for your counselor to make the change. Please be sure to include detailed information about your request. For example, if you want to increase rigor to an honors elective, WHICH elective do you want? You can find a list of courses offered here. Please be sure to check your WCPSS email. If your counselor has a question about your request, they will reach out to you via WCPSS email; if you do not respond, it will be very difficult for your counselor to assist you.

    Due to scheduling considerations such as student requests and staffing, schedule changes will be approved on a very limited scale.

    The following are the only reasons a schedule change request will be approved:

    • A student is scheduled for a course they have previously passed
    • A student is missing a course needed to graduate (this only applies to Seniors)
    • A student has an incomplete schedule (holes in schedules will be filled with courses selected during the registration process OR classes with available space at the time of the request)
    • A student is scheduled for the same course twice
    • A student has a schedule with a sequencing issue (i.e. scheduled for French II before French I - in this case the scheduling issue will be fixed, but the student will not be able to select new courses).
    • There will be very limited opportunities for students to request an increase of rigor due to the restraints of staffing and class sizes.

    Please do not submit a schedule change request to find out why your elective was changed. This is done only in cases where either 1) the elective(s) you selected did not have enough requests for us to schedule the course, or 2) the elective(s) you selected where not available at a time that fit your schedule. Schedules change throughout the summer to ensure that students have balance schedules across semesters and class sizes are optimal.

    Students WILL NOT be able to change their schedule because they no longer wish to take a course they requested, they prefer to have a different teacher, or because they received a course that was not one of their top choices. Students wishing to drop an AP course should have done so by the deadline (July 12). Students are not able to drop courses they applied and were approved for.

    Schedule Change Request Form