Technology Resources for Teachers

    Links to WCPSS tutorials may require you to first log into WakeID. 

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    NearPod YouTube Tutorials

     Google Meet - UPDATES and WCPSS Support

     Google Meet Rev  


    WCPSS Office 365 Support

    GSuite and Office 365  - WCPSS Approved Extensions and Add-ons 

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    Wake County Digital Learning Coordinators' Website

    NEW - Guest Network replaced former BYOD network for personal devices


    Troubleshoot: When a student connects to the guest wifi, it shows them connected when you're looking at the network setting, BUT you should also see a little box above the settings highlighted in yellow that says Chrome. Click that and another box will open asking you to agree to terms and connect. Once you click through this, you're in.  Students will need to do this each time.

    The biggest issue is that users MUST open a browser after they connect to the wcpssguest network so that they can click the “connect to the internet” button. If they do not, it will appear as if the device is connected to wifi (and it is), but they will not be able to reach anything on the internet. Once they have clicked the button, they can open any internet-required applications, visit websites, etc. 

     Digital Citizenship lesson plans and tools on Commonsense Media 

    Bitmoji classrooms.  Why? How? Impact?