Bring Your Own Device

    North Wake College and Career Academy is based on collaboration and innovation and has a need for a strong academic foundation paired with career focused classes and work based learning experiences that will prepare students from the school to enter the workforce or to complete an AAS degree or a four year degree.

    As a result of strategic planning, communication, and evaluations by teachers, students, and Wake Tech faculty, North Wake College and Career Academy will become a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus in January of 2018.

    Students can bring their own laptops, smart phones, tablets, and other Internet-enabled devices to prepare students for life outside the classroom as independent learners in evolving careers and working environments post-graduation.

    Students must turn in a signed Bring Your Own Device form:

    Contract in English

    Contract in Spanish


    1. An Internet-capable device.

    BYOD devices are privately owned, wireless and portable electronic devices that can be used for educational purposes within a classroom. BYOD devices are more than just cell phones; laptops and tablets are preferred for classroom use. Students unable to bring their own devices to school will have access to technology available at NWCCA.

    NWCCA teachers are using more technology in their classrooms. While personal devices are allowed in the classroom, teachers are not responsible for the repair of any devices. Teachers are facilitators of instruction and should not spend time fixing technical issues with personal devices in the classroom. WCPSS requires that all staff have a “hands off” policy on student devices.

    1. To connect to the BYOD network...

    Add the BYOD on your device (it is not discoverable).  Instructions are posted in each classroom.

    1. Your school-issued Google account which includes Google Drive to store documents…

    WCPSS email, Google accounts, and access to Google Apps for Education will be provided by the county for every student.

    1. Signed NWCCA BYOD Guidelines on file…

    Student and parent or guardian will need to sign the WCPSS BYOD AgreementSpanish.


    In bringing a device to school with the intent to use it in class, you are agreeing to adhere to the following:

    • Use of this BYOD policy in the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher.
    • Students take full responsibility for their devices (loss, theft, damage, and acceptable use). 
    • Students must immediately comply with teachers' requests to shut down devices or close the screen. 
    • Teachers may collect devices for purposes of testing or classroom policy.
    • Personal devices will not be used during state assessments. 
    • Students and parents are expected to respect and protect privacy of others. Students and parents are not permitted to capture, transmit, or post photographs/videos of any person on campus to public or social networking sites for personal reasons.
    • Students are expected to use devices at school for educational purposes only. Devices cannot be used during class for personal use (EX:  texts, calls, music, games, web sites other than assigned, etc).
    • Due to infrastructure, students understand that printing from personal devices will not be possible at school.
    • Students will use the guest network (search WAKE-BYOD) for network access
    • Students are expected to follow the Responsible Use Guidelines stated in the NWCCA Student Code and the Wake County Acceptable Use of Technology Policy. Any violation is unethical and may result in the loss of technology privileges at school, as well as other disciplinary action.
    • School administrators have authorization to collect/examine a device if a violation of the School Code of Conduct or the WCPSS Acceptable Use Policy is suspected. 



    When may I use my device?

    • You may use your device before or after school, during lunch, and when your teacher asks you to use it in class. Your classroom teacher is the one who determines whether or not you will be needing your device during his/her class period.

    How do I connect to the BYOD network? 

    • It is a hidden network.  Directions will be posted in each classroom.

    Do I need to pay for any special applications or programs for my device?

    • WCPSS will be providing Google accounts with Google Apps for Education for all students. Most other tools will be web-based and should not cost anything.

    If I have stored some of my work on my student drive (H) at school, how do I access it from home?

    • You cannot access work at home from your student drive (H - identified by your student number). However, if you store your work in your Google Drive, you will be able to access it from any computer anywhere.

    What if my device is damaged or stolen?

    • Because BYOD is not a requirement, you are responsible for your own device. Neither North Wake College and Career Academy  nor WCPSS is responsible for damaged, lost or stolen devices. Your parents may want to insure your device, and if you are purchasing a new device, you may want to purchase the extended warranty.

    Why can't I use my 3G/4G network during school?

    • The wireless network provided by North Wake College and Career Academy and WCPSS has security and filters that make internet access safer and purposed for learning.

    What if I don't have a device to bring to school?

    • Students without devices either will be provided a device to use while in class or will be paired with a group. No one will be penalized for not bring a device!