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    We have a school-wide license for Screencastify available to all students and teachers at North Wake CCA.

     Screencastify is a video creation tool.  You add an extension to Chrome to use Screencastify. You can just see yourself in the video, see you and screen, or just see your computer screen. 

    Because we have a subscription at NWCCA, you do not have a time limit.  You do not have a limit on the number of videos you can create.  You also have the ability to edit your videos.


    This video is a good starting place to see how to add the Screencastify Chrome Extension.  

    Steps to adding  Screencastify:

    Download the Chrome extension here

    Log in to Screencastify extension using your Wake County Google Account/ email.  All NWCCA student and teacher emails have been uploaded into our account. If you need help, contact the North Wake Librarian.

    Once you have the extension, it will show in the top right corner of your Chrome window as the icon shown at the top of this page. 

    You can choose what you want to show in your recording:

    Just you using the webcam

    Just what you are showing on your computer screen

    Both you in the corner and what what you're showing on your computer screen

    Once you record a video, you will see it under the extension.  A copy will also be saved to your Google Drive.  You can share the video using the link from Google Drive, or you can download the video.  It is easier to share the link because videos are often too large to send as an email attachment.

    Export Your Recording as a Video (MP4) or Audio


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