• What is the focus of our magnet program?


    Green Leadership and World Languages Magnet Elementary embraces the mindset that all students can learn and have earned the right to be leaders. Our diverse and culturally rich campus is teeming with opportunities for students to demonstrate their leadership skills as well as participate in a global community through their learning of a world language. Our goal is to unleash each child's full potential as a leader and a well-rounded global citizen. To achieve this goal, students have DAILY instruction in their self-selected language, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish and receive integrated instruction of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through the Leader in Me.  Our students learn and practice integrity, initiative, work ethic, cooperation, confidence, and service to the community. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort-zone and lead, as well as open their minds to ideas and traditions of different cultures. Combined, the components of our leadership and world language theme facilitate learning about the world and equip our students to be active, productive, and successful leading citizens in a global society.


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