Adele W.

  •  Hobbies: Ballet, reading, writing

    Accomplishments:Achieved gold scores at ADC/IBC for classical and contemporary performances in 2019 - Danced Snow Pas de Deux in The Nutcracker in 2019 - Cast as Cinderella in Cinderella in 2020

    Future Plans:Accepted to UNCG and will be taking classes in the fall - Planning to train with Kansas City Ballet

    Favorite High School Memory:Attending prom with my best friend in junior year

    Person who has had an impact on her education: Ms. Turcol has been the most impactful teacher for me during highschool. She was one of the few teachers I had for blended learning. She was always very understanding of my learning style and my pursuit. I'm so thankful she has supported me by coming to my performances and motivating me to always do my best.