• Driver’s Education is offered via Jordan Driving School. There is a $65.00 fee to participate in driver’s education and payment is made online.
    Students will take driver's education classes at a school of their choosing.
    Go to www.jordandriving.com to get more information.

    DRIVER ED. UPDATES (as of August 15, 2023)


    How to Receive a Driver Eligibility Certificate

    Students are required by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and dropout prevention services to pass at least 3 of 4 classes per semester at CFLEX to obtain a Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC). This form is needed to obtain or maintain a learner’s permit or a driver's license. Driver’s Eligibility Certificates are validated by the CFLEX receptionist/secretary. Once validated, the Driver’s Eligibility Certificate is only good for 30 days.


    To receive a DEC,

    • You should have a confirmed appointment at the NCDMV.
    • You must bring your certificate from the driving school.
    • You must bring your birth certificate, and
    • Your last semester report card (we will look this up for you). 


    To obtain your Driver Eligibility Certificate during the school year, please email a copy of your Driver's Education Behind the Wheel Certificate and the date/time of your DMV appointment to: jwilkerson@wcpss.net. Mrs. Wilkerson will respond via email with the next steps.


    Note: To receive a DEC form during the summer, please email a copy of the driving school certificate and confirmation of appointment at the NCDMV to Jennifer Wilkerson, data manager, at jwilkerson@wcpss.net. Ms. Wilkerson will prepare the DEC and contact you to schedule a time that will be convenient for you to pick up the DEC form.