About Our School

  • Crossroads FLEX, in partnership with North Carolina Virtual, is a digital, hybrid/blended learning school.   Hybrid/Blended learning is using both online and in-person learning experiences when teaching students. Core content courses are primarily taught in a face-to-face setting, while most electives are offered asynchronously.  Students work independently on online lessons, projects, and assignments at home and school. Crossroads FLEX teachers engage with students on an ongoing basis to provide support, supplemental instruction, progress monitoring, and instructional feedback. 

    Crossroads FLEX serves students whose outside interests and activities require considerable amounts of time during regular school hours known as “pursuits.”  Pursuits can include highly competitive and active students in the arts, sports, and entrepreneurship. Crossroads FLEX allows students to meet those obligations while meeting all requirements for high school graduation and college and career readiness. 

    A Crossroads FLEX student is responsible, able to work independently, self-motivated, engaged, and exhibits the highest degree of integrity. Students are encouraged to reflect on the world around them, refocus their priorities, and refine what they are willing to try differently. Crossroads FLEX students train 20+ hours a week and are highly competitive in their chosen pursuits. Crossroads FLEX’s vision is to guide and graduate students whose individual pursuits empower them to emblazon change upon the world.

     Crossroads FLEX offers

    • Flexibility in class attendance 
    • Early morning and evening learning opportunities
    • Teachers and a school counselor are available on-site and online.
    • Core classes required for graduation
    • A wide variety of electives
    • Individualized attention