• Clubs and Activities Overview

    Extracurricular activities play a vital role in helping students develop crucial soft skills such as leadership, responsibility, dependability, honesty, cooperation, and appropriate multi-level oral and written communication. Crossroads FLEX offers the following extracurricular opportunities, as well as the option for students to pursue an application to start a club of their own. Visit each clubs information page using the navigation menu on the left.

    Co-Curricular Organizations:  These are organizations that support continued learning in a content area (ex: English, History, Spanish, etc.).  These organizations are most often initiated by staff.

    Student-Initiated, Noncurricular-Related Student Groups.  These groups are initiated by students and are permitted to meet on school grounds during non-instructional time.  These could be related to a variety of topics.  The role of the faculty advisor is to provide supervision for safety.