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    (Advisor: Ms. Oviatt)

    Crossroads FLEX Yearbook 

    Do you like to take and look through pictures? Is commemorating the milestones of your life important to you? Do you like to share your memories with your friends? Do you love the excitement of seeing your own writing in print? Is capturing the perfect image (for the Insta or otherwise) one of your unique talents? 
    If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, we've got the club for you! Join the Yearbook Staff!
    If you are a Crossroads Flex PHOENIX who is BRAVE enough to RISE to the challenge of being a member of the Yearbook Staff, please complete this Yearbook Staff Application form by Friday, Sept. 18.  The form can only be accessed through your Wake County email, so please make sure you are logged into your Wake ID before opening. 

    Every school year has its own specific personality. It is our job as a school and community to celebrate and showcase our time here at Crossroads Flex for everyone involved in our school.

    The yearbook will represent the joyful lives of our staff and students for generations to come.

    Students can create pages regarding the pursuits of their fellow classmates and the hard work and determination that it requires to be successful. We will also delve into not only writing skills, but photography, interviewing, and design.

    We all want to leave a legacy behind, and Crossroads FLEX yearbook staff will facilitate the gift of remembrance.

    To join the Yearbook Club, please contact Ms. Oviatt. We are looking for photographers, page designers, and writers.