• Crossroads FLEX Seat Time

    There is a mandatory seat time of ten (10) hours per week for all students at Crossroads FLEX. 

    The staff at Crossroads FLEX can require additional seat time for the following reasons:

    • If student is a freshman;
    • If student is failing or in danger of failing a course;
    • If student is not responding to staff correspondence at Crossroads FLEX or North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS); and/or
    • If student is not submitting assignments on time. 

    Students are responsible for their coursework including studying to attain passing grades, submitting all assignments on time and keeping in contact with their instructors.  Failure to do so will result in an increase of required seat time up to twenty (20) hours per week.  Required seat time can be reduced if a student improves in the areas aforementioned above.

    A high school student’s first priority is being a high school student.  Any seat time required by Crossroads FLEX serves to assist a student’s success during their high school matriculation.  If online school is not successful a student may be required to complete all coursework on site at Crossroads FLEX (30 hours per week).

    Students, in conjunction with their parents, can determine the various times a student attends Crossroads FLEX as long as they are able to complete their required seat time hours within the week, Monday through Friday.

    Variation in Seat Time Due to Calendar Changes

    The traditional calendar contains workdays, early release days, vacation days, holidays, and possibly 2 hour delays throughout the school year.  A student’s required amount of seat time can be prorated based on the number of non-school days or delays during that particular week and based on the number of hours required for seat time.

    Students required seat time will be reduced by the number of days (or partial days) we are not in session for that week.

    Seat Time Calc

    Note: Other conditions will be sent via Remind by Mr. Richardson.


    Student attendance is determined by the amount of weekly seat time assigned and the amount of weekly seat time completed.  Students are expected to meet their assigned seat time per week at the Crossroads FLEX site.  Attendance will be affected if students do not meet this expectation.  Students should submit documentation when they will be unable to meet their hours for that week. 

     A blended learning program is a combination of online learning and face to face learning at Crossroads FLEX.  Therefore, some seat time is required for all students.