Cornelia G.

  •  Hobbies: Painting, skateboarding

    Accomplishments:Got into/attending Pratt 2021, worked for a month in Tokyo, received multiple academic and talent based scholarships

    Future Plans:I hope to move to NY soon and continue my career as a model, and once I finish my gap year I’ll get my BFA from Pratt Institute. All I really want is to live on a boat and make living wage as a professional photographer.

    Favorite High School Memory: At the end of my sophomore year I got an 86 on my Chem final. I had been struggling in the class all year but I was really close with my teacher and classmates, with their help I was able to make a grade I was proud of.

    Person who has had an impact on her education:My French teacher Ms.Summers has always been there for me as more than just an educator. She was a mentor and role model that helped guide me while I struggled to juggle both my pursuit and academic career.