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    Our Academy has been recognized for the last three years as a National Magnet School of Distinction.


    What Parents Are Saying About Us

    After touring several magnet options in our district, we knew that East Millbrook would be the best fit for our daughter.  We were sold on the arts integration theme and abundance of arts electives that would not be present at our base school. Both of us are avid arts supporters and know the benefits of participating and being exposed to all art genres.  

    This school has been the right choice and an influential factor in our child’s growth and development. When she started three years ago, she was shy, afraid to take risks, and did not advocate for herself.  Through her experiences in dance, band, and extracurricular activities, she has overcome her shyness and is feeling more confident.  She is a student leader and promotes her school with the Cougar Crew. She actively participates in community projects with the National Junior Honor Society, PTSA and is a goalie on the soccer team. Dance has helped her to express herself in ways that she didn’t think possible.  Academics come quickly for her, but the challenge of learning an instrument has helped her realize you have to work hard and collaborate with others to see results.   

    I’ve been especially impressed by the teachers, counselor, and administration at East Millbrook.  They all made an effort to build a relationship with my daughter to make sure she is challenged and happy. Over the past three years, her team of teachers has embraced the arts integration training and utilized them in their lesson plans.  From raps about Greek mythology to ancient Japanese marbling, she has been exposed to many different arts elements across her core subjects."  

    Eighth Grade Parent - S. Reynolds


    The school has been the right choice and a powerful factor in our child’s growth and development in her middle school years.  She has had the opportunity to explore the elements of art that she knew and loved, like drawing and creative writing, and others that she had no clue would become dear to her, like music and singing.  She has been able to creatively write in science and run science experiments on sound and music.  She has gained confidence and poise through the chorus and found a voice she did not know she possessed because she was encouraged to explore the arts.  She and her classmates worked with her Exploring Music teacher to learn how to play stringed instruments because the school had a full set of instruments that allowed them to explore an area of music they would never have been able to access in other magnet programs without taking band or orchestra for a year.   

    Each of these experiences has reverberated back to her core classes, with her being more confident to try things and knowing she might not do it right the first time. Still, she has a supporting cast of teachers to encourage her and support her failures and subsequent tries.  She has become part of a diverse student population made better for the access to arts that the school provides and the encouragement those avenues give to students who may not shine in other areas.  EMMMS has given our students an experience that cannot be replicated in any other magnet or charter program in our area. It is changing and empowering students each day with the unique arts immersion program available at its campus.

     Eighth Grade Parent - C. Difruscio

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