• Legacy Award nominations are open!
    Nominations are due April 12th. 
    This year 3 students, 2 current RHS staff members, and 1 community member will be selected to receive an RHS Legacy Award. 
    The motive of the Legacy Award is to recognize those students, staff, and community members who have provided distinguished service to Rolesville High School, have gone above and beyond expectations in any given duty, activity or membership of a committee. These people have been viewed to have rendered outstanding service to the Rolesville High School community in one or more areas. 
    Individuals may nominate more than one person. Please fill out a separate form for each nominee. 
    The form is open to students, staff, and Rolesville community members. 
    Legacy Nomination Form is here: https://forms.gle/Hx5rgughVJCjf83CA