• Walker Information & Registration

    In accordance with state law, WCPSS does not automatically provide school bus transportation to families that reside within 1.5 miles of the school. Families that live within 1.5 miles of our school are considered in our “walk zone” and will need to register their student(s) to walk home from our school.

    If you live within 1.5 miles of the school, but have to cross Lynn Road or Creedmoor Rd., this is considered a “NO WALK ZONE” and you will need to register your child to be a bus rider or car rider.

    Regardless of whether you live in our walk zone... If you are transporting your child in a car, you will need to follow the carpool expectations and come through our carpool line. It is not OK to park on Eddystone Road or the side of our bus loop to avoid the carpool line.

    This year, we have several Express Bus Stops on the side of our bus loop for former Jeffreys Grove students who are attending Daniels Middle School, along with other schools. Parents of these students should be the only parents parked on the side of our bus loop to pick up their middle schooler. This is because these students are not permitted to be on our campus.

     Walker Procedures

    Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be waiting in the cafeteria with staff members for a parent or responsible adult to pick them up from 3:45-3:55. Walkers will wear “walker tags” on their bookbags.   These will be sent home with your student, once the walk zone status has been reviewed/ approved. Students without “walker tags” will not be released by their teacher as a “walker”.

    All 2nd -5th grade students will be assembled by staff members at 3:45 and will be escorted off of our campus and released at the corner of Eddystone Road and Jeffreys Grove School Road. These students have permission to walk home unescorted. These students will also wear “walker tags”.