Degrees and Certifications:

Lisette Colorado

Hola a todos! My name is Rocío Colorado, I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where I've grown and lived most of my life. I have a big family, my mom and dad, three siblings, two handsome nephews and one beautiful niece. They are my everything since I have no children for the moment. 
Living in Bogotá, I had the opportunity to study a BA in Education with a major in Language Learning. This is my 8th y​ear teaching and working with children and my second time with Spanish Immersion in the USA. I consider myself a kind and caring person who works to create an encouraging classroom atmosphere, focused on students' needs. Always ready to face challenges with creativity and responsibility. 
Looking forward to having a great year with my lovely kids and encouraging team.

My Education

I have a degree in education with a major in English as a second language. I'm also a Master's candidate for next semester.