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    Wake County Schools has adopted EL Education for all students in grades 3-5.

    Green Elementary School has also adopted EL Education for students in grades K-2.


    What Principles Underlie the K-5 Language Arts Curriculum?

    • Equity Matters
    • Substantive content matters
    • Curriculum is a System
    • Students excel in diverse and inclusive settings
    • English language learners need their assets honored and their needs supported
    • Conversation cues promote student thinking, collaboration, and respect
    • Students own their learning
    • Families and guardians are partners
    • Curriculum as powerful professional development


    How does EL Education’s curriculum address Common Core State Standards for literacy?

    EL Education’s curriculum was created to teach the Common Core literacy standards with a fully content-integrated approach, recognizing as well that the content students acquire is itself a steppingstone to full literacy.


    K-2 EL  


    EL in Grades 3-5 

    Click the link above for information about EL education in grades 3-5.