• What is mCLASS?

    mCLASS is a universal screener that measures the development of reading skills of all students in grades K-5 through two main assessments: DIBELS and TRC.



    "Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills"

    The DIBELS assessments assess basic literacy skills. The basic literacy skills are:

    • Phonological awareness ear
    • Phonicseye
    • Accurate and Fluent Reading book


    Phonological Awareness  ear

    Before being able to read letters and words, students need to be able to hear the individual sounds in words.

    Example: "cat" is /c/ /a/ /t/

    Phonological Awareness Assessments:

    • FSF (First Sound Fluency)
      • The teacher says a word. Students must say the first sound. Students have one minute to say as many first sounds as possible.
    • PSF (Phoneme Segmentation Fluency)
      • The teacher says a word. Students must say each individual sound in the word. Students have one minute to segment as many words as possible.


    Phonics  eye

    Students must understand that letters and letter patterns represent sound of spoken language that are blended together to make words. Components of phonics are: letter-sound correspondence, blending, and letter-sound patterns. Students must learn to accurately and fluently decode so that they can focus on comprehension.

    Phonics Assessment:

    • NWF (Nonsense word fluency)
      • Students will read CVC words. CVC words are consonant-vowel-consonant words. 
        • Examples: nij    wem    fup
      • This assessment is timed. Students have one minute to read as many words as possible.
      • This assessment is scored two ways:
        • CLS - Correct Letter Sounds
        • WWR - Whole Words Read


    Accurate and Fluent Reading   book

    Accuracy is reading the words correctly. Fluency is reading the text accurately, automatically, and with expression. Fluent readers do not have to concentrate on sounding out words. They can focus on what the text means.

    Accuracy and Fluency Assessment:

    • DORF - DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency
      • Students read a standardized grade-level text. They have one minute to read as many words as possible. Then, they must retell what they read. 
      • This assessment measures accuracy, fluency, and simple retell.


    Daze Assessment

    • Students are asked to silently read a passage with some missing words and choose the correct word that makes the most sense in the story.
      • This assessment is taken online.
      • This assessment measures comprehension.


    TRC Assessment - Text Reading and Comprehension

    Students read a leveled text and answer oral and written comprehension questions about the text.

    • This assessment measures specific accuracy errors, retell, oral comprehension, and written comprehension (levels F and above).


    TRC Benchmarks by Grade Level


    DIBELS Assessments by Grade Level


     (BOY - Beginning of Year, MOY - Middle of Year, EOY - End of Year)

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    Questions? Email our literacy coach, Lauren Lankford, at llankford@wcpss.net