How Does Your Garden Grow?

  • Aversboro Students are learning to apply the 4C's in the garden! 

    cartoon of sugar peas on plant

    They are clearing that gardens take a lot of hard work.  There's the planning, the weeding, the planting, the watering, the weeding again, and finally the harvest!  That's a lot of teamwork!  Our first graders have undertaking the spring clean up and planting.  There will be lettuce, vegetables and plants a plenty...if it all works out right.  But, you never know, there are a lot of factors that can effect how plants grow, and our first graders will have a front row seat to this growing season. 


    We hope to continue to document our plant progress and share our scientific notebook observations with you!picture of radish, carrot and turnip in ground


    Please look at our progress and feel free to visit the gardens.