What Are The Four C's?

  • Vision 2020 – the WCPSS strategic plan – focuses language around students acquiring and utilizing the four Cs: communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  The four Cs are included in the district’s mission statement   Here's how the 4C's breakdown:


    • Listens, comprehends, critiques, and communicates effectively by adapting to diverse audiences, tasks, purposes, and disciplines
    • Uses multiple media to demonstrate thinking and justify reasoning

    Critical Thinking

    • Identifies inquiry questions related to the task clearly and precisely
    • Analyzes and evaluates information, evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs
    • Synthesizes information and makes connections between information and arguments


    • Works effectively in teams by sharing ideas, sharing responsibilities, and considering multiple perspectives in order to achieve goals


    • Demonstrates innovative problem solving by designing unique ideas, solutions, and products, and adapting as necessary
    • Takes intellectual risks, overcoming challenges and failures within the learning experience