Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • What does PBIS mean?

    Welcome to our PBIS page at Aversboro! 

         Let's start with what the letters P-B-I-S mean.  PBIS or Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a framework for teaching and supporting behaviors that will support students academic, social, emtional and behavioral growth.  This framework creates a safe space where students are supported and encouraged to learn by modelling, following schoolwide behavior expectations and following a rewards system.  This framework follows different tiers of student support including; small group soclal skills instruction, grade level lessons with our school counselor, and individual behavior plans.

                                                                      Aversboro Owls Code of Conduct Poster

         Our code of conduct follows three core words, or "The Three R's" as we like to call them.  The three R's are respectively: Respect, Responsibility, and Ready. We incorporate these three key words into our schoolwide behavior expectations in many ways.  They are part of our rules in the hallways, restrooms, cafeteria and buses.  Our students recite the 3R's in our Code of Conduct every morning.  We strive to incorporate these same ideals in our classroom rules and expectations, so students hear the same message throughout our school.


         To support an anti-bullying attitude at Aversboro, we celebrate each Friday by making it a "Blue Friday."  We encourage staff and students to wear something blue to show their support of each other, and show that they stand together against bullying.  Once a quarter we have a Super Blue Friday where our staff and students push the limits of blueness and try to wear blue from head to toe!  

                                 picture of Hoot Bucks, or Aversboro Elementary's school currency     photo of students smiling and wearing blue               Photo of poster with cafeteria rewards


         We also believe in rewarding positive behavior.  Students can earn Hoot Bucks any where in the school when they are recognized for their behavior, or "showing the 3R's."  This schoolwide currency can be spent in many ways.  Students can spend their Hoot Bucks in their classrooms, using choices from Classroom Menus, they can be spent quarterly at the Hoot Buck Store, or students can save them to spend on our Quarterly Rewards.  Past Quarterly rewards have included: Popcorn and a Movie, "The Aversboro Amazing Race," The Bizarre Bazaar, Makerspace Exploration, and Staff vs. Students sporting events. 

           Each year brings a mix of favorite events and new experiences, so we'll keep you posted on this year's excitement!