• Need a letter of recommendation?

    Entering a counselor or teacher email address on a scholarship or college application sends an automated email requesting a recommendation. 

    How to get the best recommendation:

    • Prior to entering an email address of a recommender, or immediately after, provide that person with a resume. For counselor recommendations, you may also use the link below to send the info to your counselor. 
    • Give plenty of notice. It is highly recommended that you give your recommender 2-3 weeks notice to provide a letter of recommendation.  Failure to do so on your part may result in an application being delayed or denied. 
    • Select at least one teacher from a core subject area.

    Counselor Recommendations

    • If you need a Counselor recommendation, please complete the following form and email it to your Counselor.  
    • Counselor Recommendation form - Word Doc
    • Counselor Recommendation form - PDF