Where is my stop? At least 10-days before the start of school, parents may access the Transportation Tab in Homebase-Powerschool to see route and stop information.  Bus route are also available at AFMS Bus Routes.  Bus rider families will receive an email with stop information one week before school starts. A stop marked “doorside” means the student does not cross the street to board the bus. 

    What is my stop time? Students should be ready and waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive. The exact stop time will vary during the first weeks of school. Families should prepare for additional wait times during this period. 

    Can I change my stop? Parents can request a stop change online HERE. During the first few weeks of school, WCPSS will only process stop change requests where there is a safety concern. 

    What do I do if my bus didn’t arrive this morning? We urge parents to be patient as routes settle during the first few weeks of school. Bus routes may be extended by as much as 30 minutes as students become familiar with a new routine. If your bus has not arrived after 30 minutes, please contact transportation at 919-805-3030 or contact the school at 919-694-8960.

    How can I find out if the bus is running on schedule in the morning? Parents should use the Here Comes the Bus tracker app. More information can be found here, www.wcpss.net/herecomesthebus.  The Bus Updates page found HERE also provides updates if the bus is running behind schedule. 

    Can students take the bus to after school care? Students eligible for bus service are assigned to a stop based on their home address of record. Requests for before or after school care may be requested online. Families should go click HERE to submit a request. 

    Alternate Stop. Transportation will evaluate these requests to determine if the alternate stop fits on an existing bus route and that space is available on the bus. Approvals are valid for the current school year only. Before- and after-school care stops located in the base attendance area may carry over from the previous school year for eligible bus riders. WCPSS will attempt to contact families that can benefit from this new practice. 

    What if a student is not eligible for school bus transportation?  Families with students who are ineligible for school bus transportation (school assignment requires parents to provide transportation) may request service online. Transportation will evaluate these requests based on whether there is an existing bus stop with a walk path consistent with school board policy and space available on the bus to accommodate the student.  Approval is for the current school year only. Families should go to www.wcpss.net/transportation and choose the form For Transportation-Ineligible. 

    What about requests for dual stops for joint custody? Please contact your school administrators. They can submit this request on behalf of your family. 

    How are special needs students served? Families of children who are in transition, have Individual Education Plans (IEPs), or have plans under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504) may need to request special transportation, as they move into the community or change address. These families will need to enroll their child in the new school or notify their current school of the address change and inform school staff of their child’s IEP, 504 plan or request assistance through the McKinney-Vento Act if the living situation is in transition. Students will be assigned to transportation. 

    Will there be an activity bus for after school activities? Activity buses will begin to run a few weeks into the school year. Please reach out to your child's coach for more information. 

    Other questions or concerns? Contact transportation using this form.