• Carpool Guidelines

    To ensure student, parent, and staff safety and an efficient flow of traffic, there are specific procedures for the carpool lane and for students who walk to school at Apex Friendship Middle. To view a video of the Carpool Guideline, please click here.

    General Information

    • Students may enter the building at 7:45 a.m. Adult supervision is not available prior to this time. We strongly encourage you to arrive as close to 7:45 a.m. as possible to reduce your wait time in the carpool line.
    • Student pick-up and drop-off must take place in designated areas identified with cones. It is unsafe to drop off or pick up students on the side of the road due to traffic.

    Morning Drop-Off Procedures

    • As you enter our school to pick up or drop off your child, you want to enter where you see our sign: Apex Friendship Middle School. This sign is located off of Humie Olive Road.
    • As you drive in, you’ll notice that the carpool lane starts as one lane, develops into two lanes (double stack lane), and ultimately becomes three lanes (triple stack lane) as you get close to the entrance of the school. Cars should use all of these lanes. Note that visitors may make a left into the parking lot before reaching the triple-stack drop-off point.
    • The coned area within the triple-stack lane is where students will enter and exit vehicles. Pull forward as far as you can within the coned section of the triple stack lane, all the way up to the solid white line. We will have multiple cars in each of the three lanes. Pull up in line as far as possible. Do not leave large gaps in the line.
    • As all three lanes are full, we will stop all traffic and allow students to enter/exit your vehicle. Officer Arata and other staff members will be there to help direct you and your children.
    • Once all children have entered/exited their vehicles, we will motion for cars to exit the car loop one lane at a time. Do not pull out of line to attempt to exit the line before cars in front of you move forward. This is very dangerous as students are unloading from both sides of cars in the morning.
    • Remember to stay to your right as you exit the car loop because there may be two-way parking lot traffic. As you exit our campus after morning arrival or afternoon pickup, please make a right. This will help us keep traffic smooth.

    Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

    • In the afternoon, carpool will be one lane only - you must pick up students in the lane closest to the sidewalk within the area designated by cones. Once you have picked up your child, you may pull out into the lanes to the left to exit carpool.
    • Please stress to your student(s) that they need to report to carpool promptly following the announcement of their carpool number.
    • Students must wait on the sidewalk until their car has made a full stop in the loading zone.
    • Please do not talk on cell phones as you pull into the loading area. The jeopardizes the safety of students, staff, and other parents in the loading zone.
    • If cars ahead of you have left but your child has not yet reported to the carpool area, continue moving forward to allow room for vehicles behind you to pull forward and pick up their students.
    • Carpool should be completed by 3:30 p.m. Students may remain on campus after 3:30 p.m. ONLY if they are being supervised by a teacher, coach, or other staff member.

    Thank you for following these procedures! You are helping our carpool run safely and efficiently.