We are Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy. We are Outstanding Women Leaders who accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are positive role models in our school and community. With pride and dignity, we will model the WYWLA Way.


    1. Show respect. We will respond appropriately when someone is speaking to us.
    2. Say hello. We will extend greetings when passing others in the hallway or on the sidewalk.
    3. Listen to others. We will listen actively and avoid interrupting others who are speaking.
    4. Express gratitude. We will say thank you to show appreciation for acts of kindness or generosity.
    5. Welcome others. We will introduce ourselves to guests, staff, and students we do not know, and we will welcome them to our school.
    6. Be considerate. We will open the doors for others and allow them to enter first.
    7. Make small talk. We will engage others in conversation and ask questions to show an interest in others.
    8. Make a good impression. We will make a good impression by controlling the signals we send to others through our words and actions.
    9. Apologize sincerely. We will take responsibility for our actions by offering a sincere apology for behaviors that are not acceptable.
    10. Choose words carefully. We will consider the message we intend to deliver when communicating verbally or in writing.