• You can add in "extensions" to your Google Chrome browser. These little "helper apps" work within the Chrome web browser and enable you to do all kinds of things. Keep an eye open when exploring available extensions - some may be free, but full usage of them may require payment or subscription.

    Click here to learn how to get an extension added to Chrome.

    Here's a list of some useful Chrome extensions for teachers that you might want to start with...

    Anyone Can View
    Instantly change sharing settings on Google documents to be "shared with anyone."

    Reads any text on a webpage outloud!

    Create beautiful, professional graphics and images.

    Post to Twitter right from Chrome's address bar.

    Cite This For Me
    Creates citations in a variety of formats for webpages.

    Crafty Text
    Put large text right over top of webpages. Great for projecting an address you'd like students to visit.

    Use this service to add in assessment/questioning to videos.

    G Suite (Google Apps) Training
    Learn to be a wiz in Google Apps.

    Google URL Shortener
    Turn long web addresses into something much shorter - plus it generates a QR code, too!

    Checks your spelling and grammar as you type in Chrome.

    Save to Google Drive
    Lets you save content (and screen grabs) directly to your Google Drive.

    Share to Google Classroom
    Easily post webpages to your Google Classroom.

    Whiteboard Lite
    Give yourself a virtual whiteboard to draw on!

    YouTube Ad Blocker
    Removes ads played before videos on the popular website.