• WCPSS email uses the Microsoft Outlook service. There are several ways to access your email...

    On the web via your WakeID Portal...

    Launch "Outlook (Staff)" from your WakeID application launcher.

    Through the installed "Outlook" software on your WCPSS teacher laptop (or desktop)...

    Click here for a handout that shows you how to setup the software for your email account.
    * Note WCPSS prohibits you from adding your WCPSS email account to installed Outlook software on your home/personal computers.

    Through a mobile device app...

    Apple: http://bit.ly/outlookapplink
    Android: http://bit.ly/outlookandroidapp
    WCPSS Samsung Smartphone: http://emailsupport.wcpss.net/downloads/samsung-outlook.pdf
    * Do not attempt to add your email address into a mobile device’s normal “Email” app - it won't work.

    Here are some frequently asked questions and answers...

    Remove Preview Pane

    Outlook is broken into 3 sections (folders / email list / preview pane)
    To remove preview pane: Settings -> display settings -> hide reading pane -> OK

    Stop Using Focused View

    Mail is divided into a Focused and an Other folder.
    To turn off the Other folder (all emails come to the Focused folder):
    Settings -> Mail -> click Layout -> Focused inbox -> choose “don't sort messages” -> Save
    Click here for a step-by-step tutorial by Justin Walker

    Junk Emails

    Outlook may send a lot of wanted emails to your Junk folder. To alter the way junk email is handled:

    Option 1: Settings -> Mail -> under Accounts, click Block or Allow -> select
    “automatically filter junk email” -> under Safe Senders and Recipients, type an
    email address or domain (ex: gmail.com), so that emails from the sender or that
    domain don't get moved to your Junk folder -> + -> Save

    Option #2: Settings -> Mail -> Under Accounts, click Block or Allow -> select
    "don't move email to my Junk Email folder" -> Save (in future, do not click
    individual emails as “Not Junk.” Note this option will not filter ANY emails to your
    junk folder.


    To View Your Contacts:
    Click people icon at bottom of left column
    To go back to Inbox: click envelope icon in bottom left corner

    To add a contact or contact list to an email:
    start an email -> click To -> contacts appear -> click + next to the contact you want to add to the email -> click Save -> type email and send

    To add a WCPSS contact to an email:
    start an email -> click To -> contacts appear -> click >> in left panel -> click directory -> click and type in search box (ex: Martin, Leesville, etc) -> click + next to the contact you want to add to the email -> click Save -> type email and send

    To create a list of email addresses:
    Click the people icon at the bottom of the left column.
    Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on "All Contacts -> View All Contacts."
    Click the dropdown arrow by "New" - and choose to create a new list. Note in the web version of Outlook you must enter email addresses one by one when creating a list.


    "Reply All" Default

    By default, “Reply All” is set as the action when you want to reply to an email - you likely want to change that default setting to “Reply.”
    To change “Reply All” default to just “Reply…”
    Settings -> Mail -> under Automatic Processing, Reply Settings -> Choose Reply -> Save

    Changing Color Scheme

    Changing Theme (Color Scheme) of your Outlook:
    Settings -> Theme (for example: a blue theme results in unread email subjects being dark blue in inbox) -> Save
    * Note there is no way to change the full line in your email list to a color (like how Lotus Notes presented your email list).

    Setup a Signature

    To add a signature to your emails:
    Settings -> Mail -> under Layout, Email Signature -> Make changes -> Save

    Out of Office

    To Set up Out-of-Office Feature:
    Settings -> automatic replies -> turn on send Automatic replies -> click Send Replies only during this time period -> pick start and end dates -> type in reply for WCPSS senders -> turn on send automatic replies to - and type the message for external senders -> click ok (at top)

    New Message Sound

    To turn off Sound Alerts when New Emails Arrive…
    Settings -> Mail -> under Mail, Message Options -> Uncheck "Play a sound when new items arrive" -> Save

    Threaded Conversations

    If you want emails to show up individually and not a threaded conversation:
    Look at your inbox and find a “Filter” menu -> click the drop down arrow to the right of filter -> click “Show As” -> click on “Messages.”



    Additional help can be found at http://emailsupport.wcpss.net (Intranet - only available on campus)