• Common Administrative and Productivty Programs, Apps, and Services

    The following are common services that you might need to access while working on our campus. Note there may be others specific to your role.


    www.wcpss.net Vs. Intranet (Wake Connect)

    WCPSS maintains two websites. The first, www.wcpss.net is accessible by the general public.

    The second - Wake Connect - is referred to as the “Intranet site.” It can be accessed from campus or from home. It contains information and links used by teaching professionals in our system. It does not contain material aimed at students or parents. You can launch WakeConnect from your WakeID Portal. Or, access it at http://wakeconnect.wcpss.net - use your WakeID credentials to login.

    Outlook Staff Email

    You will be issued a WCPSS email address. Note that currently this is the only email account you can use to communicate with students, parents, or while officially representing the school or WCPSS. Access your email through the WakeID Portal.

    Access your WCPSS email online at:     http://wakeid.wcpss.net

    You can find support for WCPSS email at: http://emailsupport.wcpss.net/

    If you, the teacher, need to reset your WakeID password, see Media Center staff.

    Student Email

    Students are issued an email account from WCPSS. This should be the only email address students use to contact you electronically. WCPSS policy dictates that you may not reply to students emailing you from other addresses.

    When using school-related apps and services, encourage students to create accounts using their WCPSS email name/address, to cut down on confusion.

    Students access WCPSS email through the WakeID Portal at: http://wakeid.wcpss.net

    Any teacher can reset any student's WakeID password. See Media Center staff to learn how. Note there is no “self-serve” password reset for student email.


    HR Self Service

    Employee Self-Service is a web based application that allows WCPSS employees the ability to manage their personal information relating to Direct Deposit, Address, Phone Number, and State/Federal Tax Withholdings.

    Find it on the Intranet at: https://wakeconnect.wcpss.net/sites/employee-self-service

    If you are a current Oracle user: Log in to Oracle using your current username/password and select the WCS Employee Self-Service function from your list of responsibilities within Oracle. You will not need to log in to Employee Self-Service separately.

    If you are not a current Oracle user and were hired before 3/4/10, click the "Login" link (at left) and enter your username/password. Your username is your e-mail ID. Ex: jsmith. Your initial password is your WCPSS employee number. If your employee number is less than six digits you will need to add leading zeros. Ex: If your employee number is 12345, your initial password is 012345.

    If you are a new employee and were hired after 3/4/10, your username and password will be sent to you via e-mail once your e-mail account has been created.


    Microsoft Office

    One of the most common types of productivity tools is the Microsoft Office Suite (featuring Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc). It's available to both students and teachers on any school computer.

    You can purchase a very low-cost license for MS Office for use on home computers (NOT for use on WCPSS-owned computers).

    1. Go to http://microsofthup.com.

    2. Select the appropriate country/region from the dropdown.

    a) Enter your personal WCPSS staff email account (i.e. jdoe@wcpss.net). Your WCPSS email ID is required for verification purposes.

    b) Enter the Program code. See Media Staff for the program code you need to enter.

    An email will be sent to your personal WCPSS staff email account with instructions on how to proceed with the purchase. The order fulfillment process takes place through Digital River. When you go through the link that is supplied in the email, you will be prompted to select whether you would like the Mac or Windows version of the product. The license key for installation will be sent to you after the purchasing process has completed.

    The license key for installation will be sent to you after the purchasing process has completed.


    Data Management: PowerSchool/HomeBase

    The most important digital tool you will use is PowerSchool (also known as HomeBase). This is the state-wide system used for attendance, grades, and other student data. You will also print interim reports from PowerSchool. It’s also used for professional evaluation. Parents and students have access to see their students’ grades and other information through this service, too. The newly introduced "NCEdCloud" is the starting point to access PowerSchool.

    While a comprehensive tutorial on its use won’t fit in this quick-start guide, but you can access support materials here:  http://ps.wcpss.net/

    You access PowerTeacher (or for admin, PowerSchool) through the WakeID Portal. The spot for teachers to login is: http://wakeid.wcpss.net.

    Staff, students, and parents must first “claim” their NCEdCloud account to be able to access PowerSchool. This document explains how students and teachers can "claim their cloud."

    Haven’t had a paycheck yet? New employees can find their UID through the Employee Self-Service site: https://wakeconnect.wcpss.net/sites/employee-self-service . Log in and look at the Address Information Option. It will be listed as the NC UID#. 

    Students and parents access PowerSchool through the NCEdCloud at https://wcpss.powerschool.com/public//


    Employee Absences: AESOP

    AESOP is the county service used to register an absence and setup substitute teachers. The main office can help with login information.

    Access the service at: https://www.aesoponline.com/login2.asp

    Electronic Paystub

    Since most employees are paid through electronic transfers, you receive your paycheck “paystub” online, as well. Access it at:  http://paystub.wcpss.net


    Curriculum: CMAPP

    CMAPP is a centralized location to access curriculum content. There are also lots of academic resources built in that may be of help to you, including video clips. Username and password reset info is located on the website.

    Access CMAPP at:  http://cmapp.wcpss.net/


    Testing Data: EVAAS

    EVAAS is a site to access standardized testing scores and information. Logins and password information are managed by the LRMS administration. There’s a helpful “password reset” link on the login page. There are several FAQ documents on the login page. Once users are logged into their account they can select the "Help" in the top right corner of their screen for help with specific and detailed explanations of reports. There are also Virtual Learning Modules available when the user clicks on the "e-Learning" tab found in the top right corner of the screen.

    Teachers will login at: http://ncdpi.sas.com


    Academic Support: EASi

    EASI is the system used to develop and maintain:

        Limited English Proficiency Plans (LEPs)
        504 Plans
        Rtl Tier II and Tier III Plans
        Individual(ized) Education Plans (IEPs)
        Personal Education Plans (PEPs)

    You can launch Easi from the WakeID Portal at http://wakeid.wcpss.net.

    This is a cheat sheet for entering discipline referrals into SIRS within Easi.

    Your initial login is:
       Username:   WakeID (ex jsmith2)
       Password: WakeID password


    Professional Development: WakeLearns

    WakeLearns s is a service that WCPSS uses to track professional development and renewal credit. This service keeps track of workshops and classes you attend, as well as other useful renewal information.

    WakeLearns is available through the WakeID portal.

    This service permits registration for many professional growth opportunities. If you attend a professional development session that is not connected to WakeLearns, you will be able to enter the information yourself for prior approval and then completion certificates/evidence to earn CEU credit.