• BYOD Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I access the Internet?
    You will learn how to access the school's wireless network during the parent information night. Following the information session your child's homeroom teacher will be able to give you instructions on how to access the wireless network. The teacher may not do it for you. Your child must enter the information on their own device. 

    When can I use my device?
    You can use your device when directed by the teacher to use it in class. Your classroom teacher is the one that determines whether or not you will be needing your device during his/her class period.

    What if I can't get my device to access the school's network?
    It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher to "fix" your device. Most tablets/systems/smartphones will ask you if you want to join a detected wireless connection and then you can join the county provided network. If your device doesn't come up this way try clicking on the network icon/program and search for an available wireless network.

    Do I need to pay for any applications/programs for my device?
    Most other tools will be web based and should not cost anything. There may possibly be a time when a specific application/program is required by a teacher, much like a specific folder, binder, paper, project material would be required for a class. This would be subject/class specific.

    If I have stored some of my work on my student drive at school how do I access it from home?
    You can't. Your student drive at school is in a secured environment and can only be accessed from within the school's network. If you store your work within your Google account/drive you will still be able to access it from home.

    What if my device is damaged during the day or stolen?
    BYOD is a privilege and not a requirement therefore you are bringing your device to school at your own risk. Weatherstone Elementary School and/or WCPSS is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen devices.

    Why can't I use my 3G/4G network during school?
    The wireless network provided by WCPSS has security and filters that make Internet access safer and more directed for learning.

    What if I don't have a device to bring to school?
    BYOD is not a requirement at Weatherstone Elementary School. Although, students will be provided needed access to computers, networks, or the Internet when learning requirements demand. While BYOD simplifies and potentially enhances learning you will not be penalized for not bringing a device.