• Rolesville High School Attendance & Tardy Policies



    Coming to school every day, ready to learn, is important for your child's success -- and it's required by state law for children between the ages of 7 and 16. 

    Excused absences include:

    • illness or injury
    • a death in the family
    • health care appointments
    • court appearances 
    • religious observance
    • natural disasters
    • outside educational opportunities* (you'll need to complete this form in advance)

    You'll need to provide an Absence Note within two days of your child's return to school or the absences will be recorded as unexcused. Your principal or teachers will notify you if there are three or more unexcused absences, and will work with you and your child if there is a concern that absences are becoming excessive. You can use this Absence Note Form to ensure the note you provide has all the required information for an excused absence. **During remote learning, absence notes may be provided via email to your child's teacher. 

    Your child will need to make up all work he or she missed, as scheduled by the teacher. 

    On Remote Instruction Days, to be counted present during remote instruction days, either of the following two statements must be true:

    1. student completes their daily assignments, either online or offline; and/or a student is present in synchronous (live, real-time) instruction.
    2. student has a daily check-in or a two-way communication in a manner acceptable to the school with the appropriate teacher(s) as follows:
      • In grades PreK-5, the homeroom teacher.
      • In all other grade levels, each course teacher as listed on a student’s schedule.

    A student’s failure to log into a particular online program or lesson on a given remote instruction day shall not be grounds to mark the student absent for the day so long as the student meets one of the other attendance requirements  described above.  A teacher may subsequently change a student’s attendance status from absent to present based on evidence of student engagement submitted on a later date. Please make sure you or your child communicate with the teacher when work is submitted late so the teacher knows to go back and update attendance. 

    For more information, review Board Policy 6000 and Board Policy 4400. 

    *Educational Opportunities: Students who will be absent from school for educational opportunities can request that the absences be excused. To do this, students are required to complete the Request for Excused Absence form, which is available in the Attendance Office. The Request for Excused Absence form is posted on the WCPSS website. The form should be turned in to the Attendance Office a minimum of three days prior to the absence to allow time for the principal’s review. Upon the principal’s approval the absence will be coded as an Educational Opportunity. In requesting an excused absence for an educational opportunity, please keep in mind that the intent of the experience should be educational from the outset and comparable to what the student would experience in school. Family trips and vacations that were not designed, initially, to be educational will not be excused. Juniors and seniors going on college visits should also use this form and then bring back verification of their visit from the college. Seniors are allowed two (2) college visits per year that do not count towards exam exemptions. Juniors are allowed one (1) college visit per year as an educational opportunity.


    TARDY POLICY (for in-person learning)

    Tardies:  Classroom instruction is key to student success. As such, students are expected to be in their assigned classes at the start of each period. Students who fail to be in their assigned classroom at the sound of the bell must report directly to class.  Students who appear for class more than 15 minutes late without a pass are to receive a discipline referral for skipping.  Below are the consequences that will be administered to students who are late to individual classes:

    • 1st Violation – Warning from classroom teacher
    • 2nd Violation –  Warning from classroom teacher 
    • 3rd Violation –  Warning from classroom teacher & parent contact by classroom teacher (via Talking Points/email)
    • 4th Violation – Parent Contact (via Talking Points/email or phone) and notify administrator  
    • 5th Violation – Teacher/PLT determined consequence (ex. before-school, lunch, after-school detention, parent contact)
    • 6th Violation – Teacher/PLT determined consequence & notify counselor (counselor meets with student)
    • 7th Violation – Administrator referral** (classroom teacher writes referral in ECATS)
    • 8th Violation – Administrator referral & Parent Contact by student’s administrator (classroom teacher writes referral in ECATS)
    • Additional Violations - Administrator Referral (classroom teacher writes referral in ECATS)

    *Students who are more than 15 minutes late to a class will be written up for skipping, which will result in additional consequences.

    **Tardies may also result in revocation of off-campus lunch passes and/or parking passes.

    ***Students who are assigned to ISS for a partial or full day will not be allowed to participate in any school-sponsored events (e.g., sports practices, games, productions, etc.).

    ****Failure to serve an assigned consequence will result in additional consequences being assigned by an administrator.