Mission Statement

  • The mission of Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School’s Student Support Services is to provide an exemplary educational community that encourages students and staff members to actively discover, integrate and apply knowledge in a dynamic global and technological environment while focusing on advancing 21st Century Skills with a school to career model.

    The school involves a population of students, teachers and parents who frequently engage with faculty, students and the facilities of North Carolina State University’s 10 colleges, as well as its corporate and governmental partners on Centennial Campus, to extend and enhance student services activities.

    Through a student services delivery system that integrates skills and concepts of various disciplines, our students explore adolescent concerns and real-world issues. The student services program at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School incorporates many of the characteristics of the most effective middle schools:

    • Student-centered environment
    • Structured, orderly environment for enhancing their social, personal, and professional development through the integration of curriculum, technology, and university connections.
    • Supports an interdisciplinary team of teachers with flexible scheduling and curriculum programming
    • Diverse, age-appropriate programming that appeals to the exploratory nature of middle school students
    • Emphasis on the mastery of basic communication and social/ emotional skill development
    • Connection between school, home and community
    • Successful experiences for all students SSS Wordle