• Most uniform items must be purchased from the uniform vendor. Uniform vendors will not stock items that do not meet our uniform guidelines. Students may purchase pants, walking shorts, shoes, tights, and socks from any retail store or from the uniform vendor. Items purchased from retails stores will only be permitted if the color and style are consistent with options available through our vendors. Skirts may not be purchased from retail stores due the various styles, plaids, and inconsistencies.  We will also have spirit wear and winter wear items available for sale during the year. These items are optional and will meet uniform requirements.

    Target, Walmart, Land’s End, and Old Navy are a few retail stores that carry uniform items such as socks, tights, pants and shorts.

    BUYER BEWARE: The photos in the policy document are samples based on internet pictures. Actual items may vary in color and may be deemed inappropriate. Please make sure the color and style are consistent with the options provided by the uniform vendor. Skinny or tapered legs are not permitted. Patch pockets are not permitted. Before purchasing items from a retail store, review options provided by our vendor carefully to avoid purchasing unapproved items from retail stores.  

    Our approved vendor is listed below:

    Flynn O’Hara

    3613 Glenwood Ave

    Raleigh, NC 27617



    Toll Free: 800-441-4122
    In store and online options available


    Flynn O'Hara Flyer


    Winter wear and PE items are also available throught Tee'd Up. The company is owned by WYWLA parent. The items are approved uniform items.

    Tee'd Up Flyer


    The WYWLA PTSA will host a uniform swap and sale at the end of the school year.  Gently used uniform items will be sold during this event.