• A/B Schedule

    Unlike many other high schools in Wake County, Garner Magnet High School runs on an A/B year-round schedule. That means that instead of taking 4 courses during the fall semester and 4 different classes during the spring, students take 8 classes all year long on alternating days—4 classes that meet on A-day and 4 classes that meet on B-day.

    Some of the advantages of an A-B schedule:

    • Students have an entire year to master course content; meaning more time to troubleshoot difficult subjects. This is especially helpful for math and foreign language to keep material fresh from year to year. AP students will also have an entire year to prepare for those exams in May.
    • Although a class meets every other day, students still have the option to attend after school tutoring every day—this means they will have double the opportunities to get after school help on difficult subjects.
    • Teachers and students are able to establish better relationships, working together from August to June. Parents can also start early in making contact with teachers when there are concerns.
    • Open houses, registration, and final exams will occur once a year.

    Tips for Success

    Be Informed

    Always know what day it is (A or B). Consider making a chart or calendar to keep on the refrigerator so your child will know which materials he/she needs to bring to school that day. Hint: If you lose track, check the GMHS website! The day is always posted!
    Use PowerSchool! Every parent can have their own account and password. Stay up to date on grades, attendance, and progress toward graduation.

    Stay Organized

    Keep a separate notebook for each class (or combine with dividers) so all notes and work for each class are easily and quickly accessible.
    Keep an agenda. Help your child get into the habit of writing down assignments, deadlines, and test dates during the school day. Then review with your child in the evening to make sure they are prepared with their homework or studying for the next day.

    Stay on Top

    It can be tempting to put A day homework off until A day rolls around again. Be careful. If your child lets that happen they are much more likely to get behind and overwhelmed by assignments. Establish healthy habits for completing work and not procrastinating. Then, if your student is struggling with a particular concept, they potentially have TWO afternoons to work on it with their teacher rather than one.
    Maintain email communication with teachers or stay connected through the teacher’s website. Edmodo is an excellent resource through which teachers send reminders to students and parents about upcoming due dates.

    What if my child is struggling?

    It is normal for a child to have trouble with the transition to 8 classes. There will definitely be an adjustment period, both for the student and the parent.
    Keep enforcing the tips listed, but also reach out to your child’s teachers via email. If a teacher knows the student is struggling to stay organized, they can give a little extra direction and guidance to help keep them on track. As always, it is best to catch students before they fail.

    How can I schedule a conference with a teacher?

    Parents can email specific teachers directly to set up a conference before or after school or during the teacher’s planning time. If the issue is extreme or all teachers need to be in attendance, the counselor can arrange a conference for everyone.

    What if my child needs 2 levels in one year? What about Early and Mid-Year Graduation?

    There will certainly be exceptions as we go through this transition. Certain classes will be scheduled as semester-block within the AB yearlong schedule.
    If you have specific questions, please contact your student’s counselor.