• Career Assessments

    • Education Planner - One-stop career and college planning site. The information you need to research careers, choose a postsecondary school, apply on-line, and find ways to finance your education.
    • The Princeton Review Career Quiz - A free 24-question quiz that determines your most likely interests and work style.
    • Holland Occupational Themes - Self Assessment - People with the same or similar interests are often found in the same work environments.
    • ASVAB Career Exploration Program - Designed to help students learn more about themselves and the world of work, identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations, and develop an effective strategy to realize their goals.
    • Career Key - Expert help with career choices, career changes, career planning, career development, job skills, job search, and choosing a college major or training program.
    • Learning-styles-online.com has a free online learning styles assessment that can help determine your learning style so you can adjust your education to fit your learning style.

     Career Exploration

    • NC Careers - North Carolina's Career Information System for career explorers and job seekers.
    • O*NET Online - Making occupational information interactive and accessible for all.
    • Latest salary information from the US Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Data is listed by states, cities, and counties. See the section under "ECONOMIC NEWS RELEASES."
    • The Beehive - Learn about careers, choose the right career, and create a step-by-step plan to reach your goals.
    • America's Career InfoNet - Resource for making informed career decisions to support a demand-driven workforce investment system.

    College - Community Colleges and 4-year Universities

    • CFNC - College Foundation of North Carolina - helping you plan, apply, and pay for college.
    • Any College - Online college directory.
    • Campus Starter - Online magazine for careers and education in Canada.
    • Careers and Colleges - Colleges, scholarships, and loans.
    • CollegeNet - Search engine helps you quickly find the ideal college. Narrow down by region, college sports, major, tuition, and several other criteria.

     Local Postsecondary Schools with 1-2 Year Programs

     Financial Aid

    • CFNC - College Foundation of North Carolina - helping you plan, apply, and pay for college.
    • Scholarship Help - Scholarship access, achieving maximum financial aid, and avoiding scholarship scams.
    • FastWeb - College and scholarship search.
    • Funding Your Education - Introductory publication for students below the senior year in high school, provides general information about the U.S. Department of Education's federal student financial aid programs and how to apply for them. Available in English and Spanish. The Student Guide for Financial Assistance - Comprehensive resource on student financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education. Grants, loans, and work-study are the three major forms of aid available through the Department's Federal Student Aid office. Available in English and Spanish.
    • Careers and Colleges - Colleges, scholarships, and loans.
    • iApply - College planning information.

    College - General Information

    • http://www.act.org - America's most widely accepted college entrance exam - and more! ACT provides educational and career planning for students and teachers at every level.
    • http://www.sat.org - College Board SAT test information.
    • http://www.collegeview.com - Career, college, and financial aid solution. Career Internships An internship is an experience where students learn by taking on responsible roles as workers in organizations and observing and reflecting on what happens while they are in the workplace. The Internship Program is a supplement to formal classroom instruction. Its intent is to add significantly to the vitality of the instructional program and impact the courses that a student has taken or will take.