• Student Responsibility

    Leesville Road Middle School recognizes its responsibility to provide each student with an opportunity to receive a quality education in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Students also share this responsibility and are expected to show good citizenship and to follow instructions given to them by any teacher or staff member. Students who do not fulfill their responsibilities will be dealt with fairly but firmly to protect the rights of all staff and students. 

    WCPSS Student Code of Conduct

    All students are expected to cooperate with all school personnel in following general guidelines and school procedures. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

    Each teacher will establish classroom rules and review them with students. Students are expected to comply with teachers’ rules. The Wake County Board of Education has established a Code of Student Conduct for students. It is the intention of the Board that these rules be enforced fairly, firmly, without discrimination, and with due respect for the rights of students and employees. The Code of Conduct should be adhered to on all WCPSS school grounds and vehicles.

    All students are responsible for complying with and are expected to be familiar with the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct and school board policies governing student behavior and conduct. All Code of Student Conduct policies are contained in the WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook, which is distributed to all students and parents at the beginning of each school year or upon enrollment in the WCPSS. If there is a conflict between the rules expressed in this handbook/agenda/planner and the Code of Student Conduct policies, the WCPSS Code of Student Conduct policies shall take precedence.

    The entire Code of Student Conduct is provided in the WCPSS Student/Parent Handbook. Administration will follow and enforce board policy when conducting investigations and implementing disciplinary action. The WCPSS levels of board policy violations (as of May, 2013) are listed on pages 11-12.