• Attendance and Tardies

    WCPSS School Board policy recognizes that attendance in school is central to educational achievement and school success. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents must work together to ensure that students are present and on time to school and class each day.


    If your child is absent, a dated note explaining his/her absence, along with a parent/guardian signature, is required upon your child’s return to school. All notes should be turned in to the child’s homeroom teacher. Without a note, an absence is recorded as unexcused. Your child must be in school one half of the school day to be counted present for the current day.

    At the secondary level, the responsibility for securing and arranging make-up work rests with the student. When absent for one or two days, students are encouraged to contact a classmate for work. Work may be requested on the third consecutive absence and ready for pick-up in Student Services the following day after 3:15.

    If your child is not in his/her classroom by 8:15 AM, he/she is considered tardy and must sign in at the front office, accompanied by a parent.

    If your child needs to leave school prior to dismissal time, a parent/guardian must sign the student out in the front office. You can send a note with your child stating the time he/she will be picked up. The student should present the note to the teacher at the beginning of that period and the student will be released to the office at the specified time. Students will NOT be called out of class during the last 30 minutes of the school day, so please plan accordingly.

    No student will be released to a person not listed on the emergency card unless a parent sends in written permission or calls to give verbal permission to an administrator.

    Students who know ahead of time that they will be absent must bring a completed “Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons” form to the front office, AT LEAST A WEEK prior to the absence. Forms are available online and in the front office. The principal approves or denies the absence according to board policy.

    Absentee Letters

    The school is required to send out attendance letters to parents/guardians when a student’s cumulative absences (excused and/or unexcused) reach seven, ten, fifteen, and twenty- one days. Cumulative absences above ten in a semester and twenty in a full year are excessive. After fifteen absences, there will be school-determined interventions to help the student improve his/her attendance. Students accumulating excessive absences may be retained. At the end of the year, the principal shall appoint an Attendance Committee to advise him/her whether circumstances for each student who has exceeded the requisite number of days warrant waiver of the retention provision. The committee shall notify the student and his/her parents or guardians concerning the time and place of such hearings and indicate that their presence is required. The principal shall have authority to waiver the retention provision of the policy before or after a hearing by the committee.

    Tardy Policy

    WCPSS School Board Policy states, “A student shall be in his/her assigned area at the beginning of the school day and the beginning of each class or be recorded as tardy.” LRMS staff will consistently and equitably enforce the tardy policy. School staff will monitor student tardies to school and teachers will monitor student tardies to class. The following consequences will be implemented:

    Unexcused Tardies to School

    In order for students to be successful, they need to arrive at school on time. When students are tardy to school, it disrupts their learning, as well as the other students in the class. School staff will monitor unexcused student tardies to school. The guidance counselor, social worker, and administrators will work with students and their families to ensure that students are on time for school.

    When student tardies become excessive, the guidance counselor will meet with the student, complete a tardy contract, and obtain a parent signature. If tardies continue, the school will request a conference with the student and parent. Further, administrators may assign consequences such as detention and In-School-Suspension (ISS).

    Excused Tardies include, but are not limited to: doctor appointments, extreme family emergency. Unexcused Tardies include, but are not limited to: oversleeping (parent/child), alarm clock problems, missed bus, late carpool.

    Unexcused Tardies to Class:
    1st Offense- Warning (Teacher Assigned)
    2nd Offense-Warning (Teacher Assigned)
    3rd Offense- Detention/Parent Contact (Teacher Assigned)
    4th Offense- One Period of ISS (Administrator Assigned)
    5th Offense- One Day of ISS (Administrator Assigned)
    6th Offense- Two Days of ISS (Administrator Assigned)
    7th+ Offense- TBD by Administrative Staff

    *Tardies to class are accrued and documented in each class per semester. The slate is cleared at
    the beginning of the second semester.

    Any student arriving to class more than 5 minutes tardy without a written excuse or pass will be referred to the appropriate grade level administrator for skipping class.